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How to Eat and Drink like a Brit Without Leaving LA

If you wish you were spending your summer getting afternoon tea in London, having a pint of Guinness in Dublin, or trying whiskey in the Highlands of Scotland, we’ve got you covered. Take a little trip to the United Kingdom this summer without leaving LA by visiting our favorite British themed restaurants and bars. We can’t promise you that everyone in these British-American locations will speak with an accent, but otherwise these locations will make you feel like a wee lass.


To visit England you’ll want to start at the Ye Olde King’s Head, a British restaurant, pub, and gift shop in Santa Monica. You can get a hearty English meal, including Fish and Chips, Bangers and Mash, or a King or Queen size English Breakfast. They also serve afternoon tea including three tiered cake stands filled with sandwiches, scones, and pastries, served with a wide collection of teas. If you’re feeling something more casual, you can get happy hour at the pub, which features live sports including British favorites like soccer and rugby. The pub serves British themed cocktails, with names like “Churchill’s Dark and Stormy”,' as well as pub snacks that include Mini Brit Burgers, a basket of chips, and Peri Peri chicken skewers. Check out the gift shop when you’re done, which sells classic british teas, baked goods, and soccer memorabilia.

Another English restaurant to try is The Pikey, which features British themed cocktails including “The Coach and Horses”, “The Bloke” and even “The Kate Moss”. If you’re in the Palisades try The Draycott an English inspired restaurant with a name that pays homage to London’s Draycott Avenue, where the founders met. The restaurant mixes the things the couple love about Southern California and miss about London. It features dishes like steak frites and drinks like “Strawberry Derby” and “Bloody Hell”.


As for Ireland, there are an assortment of Irish pubs spread out around the city, our favorite being Timmy Nolan’s, which features three halls based on different areas of Ireland: the Belfast Hall, Dublin Hall, and Cork Hall. You’ll feel like you’re far away from LA due to the traditional wooden design, Guinness on tap, quality whiskey, and hearty servings of Irish Stew. You should also try The Irish Times Pub, which features pool tables, Irish coffee and $5 Guinness at happy hour.


For a trip to Scotland we recommend the The Tam O’Shanter, a Scottish pub and restaurant, featuring Fish and Chips, pan seared Scottish salmon, twice baked potatoes and a large selection (taking up an entire page of the menu) of Whiskey from all over Scotland. Also check out The Morrison if you like beer, they offer “Beer flights” to let you try 4 different beers for only $10. While you’re there try their Butterscotch bread pudding, voted the best in LA, and spoil your pup with something off their “Doggy Menu”!

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